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NFC Chip Dog and Cat Collars

NFC Enabled Dog and Cat Collar Technology that Elevates Pet Security to the Next Level

Your pets safety and security just got easier with our NFC-enabled dog and cat collars.  Safety and style meet to create our innovative collars that provide the latest NFC technology to help keep your pets safe and accessible should they become lost.

Smart Dog and Cat Collar with TapTech Technology

With advanced NFC technology at its core, this collar provides pet owners the knowledge that your furry friends are always within your grasp. Whether you’re at home or out on an adventure, our collar’s proprietary TapTech NFC technology allows you to store your contact information as well as a digital profile for your pet, including important documents.

NFC Enabled Collar with SafeData Transfer

Powered by an embedded NFC chip, this collar allows for effortless and secure data transfer between the collar and compatible devices. With just a quick tap, access crucial pet information like medical records and emergency contacts, empowering you to prioritize the well-being of your furry companions with ease.

Redefining Proximity with Next-Level Pet Protection

Discover our revolutionary NFC chip dog and cat collar, surpassing traditional collars with embedded chips. No more trips to the vet for scanning! Just tap your smartphone on our marked collar and instantly access contact and vital pet details. Reunite with your beloved pet swiftly and effortlessly, fostering an unbreakable bond.

NFC Enabled Collar that provides Security as well as Style

Find the perfect balance of functionality and style with our NFC enabled dog and cat collar made from the finest organic hemp. Designed to last, these stylish collars are constructed with durable organic hemp, to help withstand your pet’s daily adventures while maintaining its beautiful appearance. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find the ideal collar that perfectly complements your pet’s unique personality.

This collar is an indispensable accessory for every pet owner. By ordering your dog collar with NFC technology, you know that your pet can find it’s way back home with the help of My Love Collar. Experience the difference these NFC-enabled dog and cat collars can do for you.

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